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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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game day experience.. how iowa state is creating a virtual realty experience that could
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give it an edge in football recruiting. why donald trump deleted a tweet aimed at one of his competitors and the iowans who support this other candidate. long night... the hearing that was supposed to last 8 hours... and went well into the night. how clinton handled it. and the one question republicans kept asking... it's friday october 23rd... today in iowa starts now. today will be wet and breezy off and on throughout the day. the heaviest rain will fall around the noon hour in the metro with .25" possible. there is still a chance for more rain around kick-off tonight. the rain will move out by early saturday morning with some lingering clouds and highs in the low 60s to start the weekend. sunday looks beautiful with plenty of sunshine and highs in
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first on 13... hillary clinton
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late and stressful night. for 11 hours she testified about the deadly benghazi attacks that killed four americans. the question republicans kept asking: why she didn't do more to protect them. tracie potts has more from washington. california :00-:02"i don't know how you're doing but i'm exhausted." after 11 hours republicans admit... they didn't learn much: chairman, house select cmte on benghazi :07-:11"i don't know that she testified that much differently today than previous testimonies." it went on... and on.. and on... so long at one point clinton could barely talk this time, clinton kept her cool: presidential candidate :26-:28"i've done everything i know to do." republicans honed in on emails... what's there... and what's missing: presidential candidate :32-:35"i didn't conduct business that i did primarily on email." georgia :36-:45 "it's not a matter of if you knew about it - it's what you did about it - and the answer is nothing!" democrats accused the republican chair of creating an unnecessary show: ranking member, house select cmte on benghazi :50-:56"do we want to badger you over and over again until we do get the gotcha moment that he's talking about?" clinton focused on the four americans killed in the 2012 attacks in benghazi. presidential candidate 1:01- 1:03"i've lost more sleep than all of you put together." it quickly deteriorated into partisan bickering: chairman, house select cmte on
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benghazi 1:06-1:10"you need to make sure the entire record is correct." ranking mb, house select cmte on benghazi"and that's actly what intd" hundreds ocity requests from ambassador chris stevens never reached clinton's desk: nsas 1:16-1:23"over 600 requests - you've testified herthis morning that none those reached your desk, is that correct?"esidential cdate"that's rrect." lf day under the croscope... d still nosoluti. dio outcue: tracie posn news, washington. e mte still has work ead this morning with more tnesses lined up to take the stand... clinton and her fellow democrats head to town tomorrow... clinton, sanders, o'malley all
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dinner. organizers say they're expecting thousands to flock to hy-vee hall saturday. the three are each holding events leading up to dinner. the busiest... will likely be a free katy perry concert for clinton supporters. republican hopeful ben carson will also be in the area.... but staying clear of the democrats. the retired neurosurgeon stops in ames and west des moines tomorrow for book signings. he'll be at books a million in ames beginning at 10 a-m. then he heads to the barnes and noble on university avenue. that starts at one p-m. carson made headlines in iowa yesterday for this. in quinnipiac's latest poll, he's shown pulling ahead of former front- runner donald trump. the poll shows carson with the support of 28 percent of likely caucus goers... compared to trump's 20 percent. marco rubio comes in third... with 13 percent... closely followed by
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ted cruz with 10 percent. rand paul rounds out the top five... with just six percent. you won't see bobby jindal in that poll... because he isn't pulling more than three percent of iowans support... but he's headed today to change that. the louisiana governor heads to ankeny this morning for an event at faith baptist bible college. then he'll host a book signing in beaverdale. this evening he'll be in waukee for a g-o-p fundraiser. a central iowa man isn't surprised by ben carson's recent success. justin luettjohann is one of carson's biggest fans and is being rewarded for his support. hey justin i'm here in new york city wishing you a very happy birthday and thanks for all your support." luettjohann got this video message from the front runner wednesday. it was a surprise birthday gift from his wife... the urbandale native
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are long-time supporters of carson. they hosted a meet and greet with him at their home before he announced he was running. justin says his wife is always trying to think of creative birthday gifts for him, but this one takes the cake... 'when i got the video, i didnt expect anything like that and i seriously about fell out of my chair and couldnt stop smiling, and my wife always gets me gifts and normally im like thats a great gift and she is very disappointed in my reaction and this one she enjoyed my reaction a little bit better i think.' justin says he's hoping to host a fundraiser for carson soon. meanwhile the man carson knocked from the top is feeling the sting. and a controversial post he made on twitter has iowans feeling it as well. after the poll showing ben carson had taken the lead in iowa....trump's twitter page retweeted this post:
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"ben carson is now leading in the polls in iowa. too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain?" it got plenty of negative replies... and was eventually deleted. trump later sent this out: "young intern who accidentally did a retweet apologizes." technology is giving iowa state an edge in football recruiting. the cyclones are now using virtual reality to get players to sign on. it allows potential recruits to experience what it's like to play at jack trice stadium in the off season. it all started with an idea from coach paul rhoads. he approached the college of engineering and asked them to turn game day into 100-million pixels. and they did. it's called the c-6 virtual reality room. cyclones play number two baylor... in not-so-virtual reality...
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today will be wet and breezy off
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and on throughout the day. the heaviest rain will fall around the noon hour in the metro with .25" possible. there is still a chance for more rain around kick-off tonight. the rain will move out by early saturday morning with some lingering clouds and highs in the low 60s to start the weekend. sunday looks beautiful with plenty of sunshine and highs in the mid-60. coming up next, david geiger
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report. plus... they've become part of the way we communicate. and now... there are more of them. how many new emojis apple is
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our top story... dozens of des moines teachers are waking up sick this morning. that's because about half of the staff at roosevelt high school got food poisoning. 58 teachers called in sick yesterday... the problem came from a luncheon wednesday. the food was catered in... so there's no risk to students. the polk county health department is now investigating. classes will resume on monday. the long-awaited house hearing on benghazi went long into the night with hillary clinton as the only witness... among the many things she had to say.... "i don't care what you say about me" "i really don't care what you say about me, i doesn't bother me a bit. i do care about what you're implying about admiral mullen and i will not sit here and hear that. he served with great distinction." the hearing lasted 11 hours in total. but little was learned
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20-12 tragedy at the diplomatic outpost in benghazi. clinton maintained she never saw requests for increased security from embassy personnel. four americans were killed in that attack. clinton may be losing one of her competitors... lincoln chafee is rumored to be exiting out of the race. last night he tweeted, "i look forward to speaking at dnc women's forum tomorrow morning. i'll address my future in the campaign there. #chafee2016" chafee never got much traction to begin with. his poll numbers have hovered around zero. he is still scheduled to be at tomorrow's jefferson jackson dinner.. that's the democratic party of iowa's annual fundraiser. the war in iraq has claimed its first american soldier in four years.... it happened during a rescue mission there. u-s, iraqi and kurdish troops descended on an isis prison.
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one american was killed.... the first american to be killed in action there in four years. the mission did successfully save 70 hostages from execution by isis militants. apple is giving i-phone users new ways to express themselves. the company released an update to its mobile operating system this week. it includes more than 1-hundred-50 new emoji characters. there's new sports icons ... the new smiles include the up-side down face, money-mouth and a rolling eye smile. and jeriann will like this... more weather emojis... a
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coming up in the next hour of today in iowa.. boone county supervisors are taking a stand against a controversial oil pipeline. what they're doing to try to stop it from going through their county. then... getting around downtown des moines could be tricky this weekend. the political events shutting down traffic... and the detours you'll have
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